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 The Weekly 24 started off as, shortly after having settled in Dubai, we experienced the same routine many expats find themselves in: work nonstop from Sunday to Thursday, sleep late during the weekends, go for a drink or attend a brunch, repeat the same all over again. Days were flying by but there was little variety to look back to. We were looking for genuine ideas and inspiration for how to add color to our routine, but mainly found lists of various brunch places around town (which is totally acceptable if this is what you are looking for). 

We believe this is just a small fraction of all the experiences life in this part of the world has to offer. Hence, we started The Weekly 24 to keep us busy, push us to explore new things to do, and document these experiences. Every week, we choose a different theme ranging from culture, getaway ideas for a long weekend, places to visit outdoors during the winter season or things to do to keep us busy during the boiling summer heat. We hope these ideas will also inspire you to break the cycle of everyday routine, stay active, and leverage all the possibilities life here has to offer!

A bit about ourselves. Giulia and Rene first moved to the UAE back in 2015 / 2013 to attend a start-up style university in Abu Dhabi. Surely, the Middle East is not always the first thing that comes to people's minds when looking for a university, but in retrospect it was probably one of the best decisions we took as it laid the ground for everything we value today: our relationship, our careers, and our current homes in Dubai. 

When we first moved here, the reality was that the university's campus was still being built, professors yet being recruited, and students had yet to be flown in. However, that was not enough to deter us as we both were driven by the vision of contributing to establishing a top educational institution in the Middle East. As such, we have been fortunate to grow​ with the environment around us and witness firsthand the rapid development of  Middle East over the past seven years. That, combined with working in Dubai for the past few years after graduation, has really enabled us to learn to know Abu Dhabi and Dubai like the back of our hands. We are eager to share some of the insights and experiences we have gained and that only added to our motivation to start this blog.

About Giulia and Rene

Originally, Rene comes from the tech-savvy and green land of Estonia and has been living in the UAE since 2013. He currently works in the Finance industry in Dubai. He is also Giulia's semi-professional personal photographer, an avid home cook, and likes writing in his spare time.


Giulia comes from an Italian-Hungarian background, and like Rene, also completed her undergraduate studies in Abu Dhabi. She is currently working in business in Dubai. Giulia is a fashion-and beauty industry enthusiast, likes to spend her Saturday evenings at yoga classes, and enjoys tasting (Rene's) food creations even if they do not always turn out perfect at the first try.


Between the two of us combined, we have lived in eight different countries for at least half a year or longer. We are eager to share our experiences as they relate to both countries we grew up in, and our current home base in Dubai.

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About Us

The Weekly 24 is a blog where we write about our life as a couple based in Dubai, having lived in the UAE for 6+ years. We also write about travels to our favorite destinations, reflecting on each trip 24 ideas at a time.

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